“Marlene played a critical role in editing my first manuscript, Who Cares? The Give & Take of Family Caregiving. She was efficient, affordable and, most importantly, gave me encouragement and moral support when I needed it most. You can’t lose with Marlene as a partner in helping to bring your words and hard work to fruition.”

Jerry Bridge

Professional Speaker and Author, JerryBridge.com

Marlene Oulton is an asset to anyone looking for an excellent communicator, writer, editor and project manager. She single-handedly manages book projects for me that have involved editing and overseeing nearly 250 authors to date. She does it with ease, grace, and a great sense of humour.  With this many of my author clients to manage and edit, it’s nice to hear rave reviews saying how easy it is to work with Marlene, and how good she is at editing their work. I’ll work with Marlene again in a heartbeat and consider her a valuable asset to my company.”

Christine Kloser

Author, Book Writing Coach, The Transformation Catalyst

“Hmm… What can I say about Marlene? I can honestly state that my book would never have been completed without her guidance and help.  Her speed at getting each section done when I sent it to her and her ability to keep me moving when I would get stuck is nothing short of her being a miracle worker.  Her honest feedback and intuitive guidance was a blessing and made my book even better than I dreamed. You cannot go wrong partnering with Marlene to help your words flow and keep you moving forward. Thanks, Marlene!”

Kim Eagles

Clutter Coach & Author, Kaos Solutions

“Marlene Oulton is unconventional, a bit crazy, and a lot talented. And that’s exactly what we were looking for in a creative writer.

She helped me with the editing and rewriting of my first book. And she is at the top of my list to edit the second one. She has the ability to take my unfiltered thoughts, organize them, and display them in a clear and concise message. Awesome!”

Rick Nicholson

Ninja Master!, TheRestaurantNinjas.com


Editing is the fine art of taking  someone else’s innermost thoughts that are written on paper and making them captivating and coherent to the rest of the world.


Creating wonderful stories by stringing together a series of varied combinations of the 26 letters of the alphabet is how a writer is born.  Erroneous extra words to fill out blurb


Electronic newsletters (ezines) can either create raving fans of your business, or drive them raving mad through sheer boredom.one more word

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