j0309615As a writer and editor, it"™s my job to research many different websites when preparing content for my clients. While I"™ve seen some beautifully designed and executed sites in my searches, it never ceases to amaze me that when reading some of the content, I"™m left feeling slightly puzzled and perplexed. And do you know why? It"™s because their words leave me with two major unanswered questions, namely, "œWhat do you do?" and "œWhat are you offering me as a potential consumer?"Â 

In a lot of cases, the owner, (or content writer), of the website material hasn"™t taken into consideration the actual target market or audience they need to reach in order to engage them in the buying process. I once asked a client who their target market was and they responded, "œWell, everybody!" and looked at me as if I"™d grown a second head. 

"œEverybody" is not your market. You need to separate the "˜body"™ from this word and get specific about who will want to do business with you. By answering these top 3 questions before you write your content, you"™ll be much closer to attracting the perfect clients to your business and ultimately increasing your bottom line. 

1. What is the age range of your ideal client? This may seem like an odd question to ask, but it"™s an extremely relevant one. If you"™re selling a cutting edge new trendy jewellery accessory that you know your 24 year old niece loves, then write your content accordingly. Use current "˜hip"™ wording that applies to that generation "“ something that will pique their interest and make them click further into your site to see your offerings. Using phrases such as "œOur bling will make you sing" or "œFeeling alone in the crowd? Wear Bling Things and stand your ground!" clearly states that it"™s for a younger crowd. 

2. What are your ideal client"™s habits? Where do they shop? What are they currently reading, and what programs are they watching on television? The more you know about what your prospective clients do in their spare time can definitely influence your marketing collateral and website content. If you"™re uncertain about their actual habits, consider sending out a short survey with tailored questions to people whose opinion you value before you write your content. As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a stupid question, so go ahead and ask before you start writing. 

3. What does your ideal client look like? I can imagine a few of you are thinking to yourself, "œWhy should it matter what my client looks like? I don"™t care about superficial things like that!" Wrong! You do need to care about what your ideal client looks like and I"™m not referring to whether they"™re wearing a black pinstripe suit or sweat pants, (although that image certainly helps if your target market happens to be people who own clothing businesses or are CEO"™s of Fortune 500 companies!) You need to have a clear vision in your mind of the person who will want your products or services. Be precise on the demographics as possible: what type of car/house do they own; where do they work; what type of food do they like to eat; do they shop at high-end boutiques or at chain retail stores; are they employed full-time, part-time, or stay at home mothers etc. These and at least 50 other questions come to my mind that you need to answer before writing your content. 

I"™ve only listed 3 of the many questions you need to know the answers to before writing winning website content and marketing collateral, but I"™m certain you"™re now armed with enough information to decide once and for all exactly who that "˜body"™ in "˜everybody"™ is. 

Match your content to your client and you"™ll create followers and ultimately sales. Because frankly, you"™re in business to do business, aren"™t you?

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