Ah, the ezine or newsletter…the internet’s answer to people who want to receive inspiring, enticing, and informative articles in a shortened format electronically!

Wait a minute… you don’t have an ezine? You don’t get in touch regularly with all your fabulous followers? Whoa!

You’re missing out on some great marketing/sales opportunities folks! Savvy business people know that the more relevant the information that they offer their clients (and those “potential” future ones as well), the better their chances are of increasing sales and adding valuable contacts to their database.

But!! (and this is a BIG “but” – no pun intended!) only if your ezine is short ‘n sweet, offers real content value, and gets directly to the point. (People are in a hurry these days in case you haven’t noticed!)

Newsletters that drag on and on and never seem to end or take forever to read and are slightly mind-numbing (just like this run-on sentence has deliberately been written), are almost always deleted without being opened. If you’d like your articles to capture and keep the attention of your valued clients, then contact me to talk about how I can write relevant and readable ezine content for you.

Sometimes I’m definitely all about brevity…

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