Fear is a Liar card with heart bokeh background

As some of you probably know, we are born with only two fears: that of falling and loud noises. Anything else we may fear we"™ve developed through our own beliefs or through the teachings or warnings from others.

Fear is actually a necessary part of our genetic make-up. The "˜fight or flight"™ response is needed in order to keep us safe from harm. Jumping back on to the sidewalk out of the way of an oncoming car causes our heart to race and fear to set in briefly, but in this case, fear keeps us from becoming roadkill.

There are many acronyms for the word fear, one being "œFalse Expectations Appearing Real" but I like mine a hell of a lot better. (Warning: expletives to follow.) Mine goes like this: "œF*ck Everything And Run!"

And have I ever done the latter when faced with that overwhelming sense of impending doom if I try to step out of my comfort zone!

Fear is a sneaky bugger as well. It stealthily creeps in and plants seeds of doubt in our mind, even if we"™re 99.9% sure what we"™re doing is right. As long as fear can find crack in our belief system, it will waltz right in and take over our common sense.

I"™m going to make a confession right here and now. (Nothing like public announcements to hold one accountable for their actions huh.) For years I"™ve wanted to write my own book. And for years I"™ve let my own personal fears hold me back. "œNobody wants to read your stupid stories, Marlene! You can write short essays, but"¦ an entire book? You aren"™t capable of doing that!"


Well, let me tell you something, you lying, sniveling, self-confidence killing, poor excuse of an inner critic. Shame on you for filling me with unfounded fears! And shame on ME for believing you for so damn long!

So pay attention, you dumb twit. I"™m done listening to you. By the end of 2016 I WILL have written my own book. And you know what else? I don"™t give a flying fig leaf if a single person buys it because that part is totally irrelevant. It"™s the actual facing of my fears and doing it anyhow that matters most.

Now go away, fear. I haven"™t got the time or the inclination to deal with you. You"™re nothing but an overgrown bully anyhow and you"™ve worn out your welcome.

By the way, don"™t let the door hit you on your ass on your way out of my head.

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