"œSmile at strangers and you just might change a life." "“ Steve Maraboli

Emily June20004One of the most underrated activities, but most thoroughly appreciated ones, has to be the art of giving and receiving of a smile.

One of the hot topics almost every day in the business world is poor customer service"¦ which I think relates to smiling or the lack thereof. There are tons of posts on Facebook and other social media sites telling tales of how such and such a company "˜shafted"™ someone out of money by refusing to issue a refund, or how the cashier at a local grocery store practically bit someone"™s head off when they questioned whether the price of the kumquat"™s they were purchasing was correct. While some of the beefs are definitely legitimate, I believe I"™ve stumbled on one of the biggest flaws in providing excellent customer service. And do you know what it is?

Few people in positions of serving the public rarely smile. Pity. As a matter of fact, the art of the genuine smile in humankind is rapidly fading.

Oh sure, you might get what I call the "˜flash and dash"™ "“ that super-hasty grimace of a smile from say a server at a restaurant as they drop your order on your table and quickly say "œEnjoy!" before making a mad dash back to the refuge of the kitchen in case something is amiss with your food. Or the fleeting smirk accompanied by the overused phrase "œHave a nice day" said with about as much enthusiasm as one musters up to greet their dentist who"™s about to perform root canal surgery on them.

Where or where has the genuine smile gone? You know, the one that conveys a subtle message that the person truly is glad that you"™ve chosen THEIR establishment to shop or dine at? Or the accompanying grin along with the words "œThanks for dropping by! Hope to see you again soon!" And how often in a day do you get that ear-to-ear grin of joy that lights up a person"™s entire being from running into you on the street smile?

I miss smiles from strangers. I miss smiles from people I know. I even miss smiles from the cashier at my favorite restaurant.

Just for a second, imagine how you would feel like if at least half of the people you interacted with on a daily basis really smiled at you. Then take this thought process a step further and think of how THEY would feel if YOU smiled back at them.

I can almost guarantee that both of you will have one absolutely amazing day"¦ if you"™d just smile!

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