Here’s what just a few of my wonderful clients have to say….

“I approached Marlene Oulton for editing and proofreading my books “The 6 Principles” and “The Guerilla/Gorilla Diet.” Marlene over-delivered by far. She helped me to change the concept of “The 6 Principles” and I am so happy with the result of her creating five fully edited books instead of just one.

Not only is Marlene pleasant to work with, she delivers the work so amazingly fast. I found the whole experience of editing my books with Marlene a wonderful adventure, and was happy to come back with my other books. I would definitely recommend her to people who want the best job of editing done for their writings.”

Galit Goldfarb

Author - The Guerilla/Gorilla Diet,, Silver Medal Award winner, 2016 International Book Award Contest, Non-fiction, Health & Fitness Category, and The 6 Principle Series.,

“Hmm…  What can I say about Marlene? I can honestly state that my book would never have been completed without her guidance and help.  Her speed at getting each section done when I sent it to her and her ability to keep me moving when I would get stuck is nothing short of her being a miracle worker.  Her honest feedback and intuitive guidance was a blessing and made my book even better than I dreamed. You cannot go wrong partnering with Marlene to help your words flow and keep you moving forward. Thanks, Marlene!”

Kim Eagles

Clutter Coach & Author, Kaos Solutions

“Marlene played a critical role in editing my first manuscript, Who Cares? The Give & Take of Family Caregiving. She was efficient, affordable and, most importantly, gave me encouragement and moral support when I needed it most. You can’t lose with Marlene as a partner in helping to bring your words and hard work to fruition.”
Jerry Bridge

Professional Speaker and Author,

“If it wasn’t for Marlene Oulton, I wouldn’t be an author at all.  However, thanks to her help I now have a best-selling self-help book for engineers and two children’s books that I authored with my 9-year old daughter.   What separates Marlene from other editors is that she is well versed in the entire writing process.  She literally helped me decide on a title for the book, prepare the outline and layout, the editing of course, and she even gave feedback on the cover design. 

One of the books she helped me to self-publish was later picked up and published by Wiley Press. Marlene is the ‘go to’, all-around editor for all of your writing needs.”

Anthony Fasano


“Marlene Oulton is unconventional, a bit crazy, and a lot talented. And that’s exactly what we were looking for in a creative writer. She helped me with the editing and rewriting of my first book. And she is at the top of my list to edit the second one. She has the ability to take my unfiltered thoughts, organize them, and display them in a clear and concise message. Awesome!”

Rick Nicholson

Ninja Master(!!) ,

“I am grateful. I am so grateful to have worked with Marlene. She’s an outstanding editor and her fabulous work attributed to my becoming a published author. Marlene applied her magic touch to all of my blogs and with her help, every article I submitted to Ezine Articles was accepted and published. Marlene has a special gift that allows her to get inside the minds of the authors when she is editing their work. Her suggestions gave my writing more clarity as well as bringing out my personality. Marlene also helped me with the copy on both my websites. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted and needed and how to word each and every page. It was as though she climbed into my head and pulled out ‘my’ words in a way that any reader could easily digest and understand. Did I mention that Marlene is an exceptionally brilliant ghostwriter? There’s no doubt about it. She IS ‘The Words Lady’!”

Mary Dirksen

The Compassionate Child Custody Coach,

“Marlene delivers on her promises on time, on budget with no fuss and no drama. Sounds easy, right? Right! Working with Marlene as an editor is just that. Easy. Add in her trademark humor and, voila…a dream editor!”

Sheila M. Kelly

Author - Love Lessons From My Son... A Mother's Journey Through a Teen's Cancer

“In September of 2008, I released my best-selling book, ’35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say: Surprising Things We Say That Widen the Diversity Gap’.

Marlene did all of the editing of the book, taking a good book and making it into a great book. She did so in a very gracious and compassionate manner. With Marlene I knew that my best interests were of paramount importance. Even though I knew I was not her only client, at times it really felt like I was given the level of attention she paid me. She also wrote all of my auto-responders and sales page copy. A year ago I renamed my company to Maura Cullen & Associates and she is one of the reasons I did so. You see, as a self-employed person, I have never had any employees, I have always worked alone. All of that changed when I brought Marlene onboard to help me with my book. She felt more like an associate than someone who was just contracted to do editing for my book. She not only provided top-notch service and expertise, but she took the time to get to know my family and me. She went the extra distance that so few do these days. I would highly recommend Marlene to anyone who is in need of a terrific editor!”

Dr. Maura Cullen

Leading Diversity Speaker,

“Want to have someone on your team that is knowledgeable, flexible, punctual, faithful and excellent at what they do?

And they will add a dose of humor to your day too? Look no further than this amazing woman, Marlene Oulton. In Marlene you will find someone that is sincerely dedicated to your success! Marlene was always there when I needed her — whether it was to edit one sentence or my entire book. No job was too small or too big for her. She approached each task I gave her with excellence and skill. She was an absolute joy to work with! If you want a talented and gifted wordsmith that will make your words sing, contact Marlene Oulton today!”

Camille McKenzie

Author of Long Journey to Freedom

“Marlene is quick, professional, and has a keen eye for detail. Thanks for enhancing my words to make Retire in a Weekend! stronger.”
Bill Losey

Author of Retire in a Weekend

“Marlene is a ‘Wow!’

Are you struggling to put your thoughts or ideas into action? Have you wondered whether you are on the right track with a program? My friend and trusted colleague, Marlene Oulton, is just what you need! I’ve been in the business world over twenty years and even when I think I am playing at the top of my game, Marlene is there to share ideas, or even suggest wonderful new opportunities. The business benefits with her are absolutely endless! If you want a ‘behind the scenes’ business partner, bright, extremely creative, and personable, you have found it with Marlene. I’ve trusted her with my business plans and would not hesitate to refer her to you for yours.”

Nelda Choate

MA, Business Coach for Coaches

“We have had the pleasure of hiring Marlene to work with us on a number of client profiles, updating program information on our website, and in particular collaborating on a monthly newspaper column providing guidance for entrepreneurs. I truly appreciate and applaud Marlene for her flexibility and non-critical approach as we travel on this journey together. No matter what the original ideas and thoughts regarding the topics may be, Marlene tactfully steers our project in the right direction resulting in a readable, informative column and a useful resource for entrepreneurs in our region.”

Karen Robinson

Executive Director, CBDC Westmorland Albert (a Community Business Development Corporation)

“Marlene is a great editor! She knew just how to make what I had to say on paper even better. I was happy to work with her because she seemed to really get me and my message and transform my errors into beautiful words that sang on the page. She is efficient and easy to work with. Thank you Marlene!”

Dr. Cindy Brown

Author of The Cinderella System - 7 Steps to Attracting the Man & Relationship of your Dreams

“It is the nuances, the subtleties, and the fine tuning that takes a good piece to great. With a discerning eye, Marlene will take your work from good to great. The added bonus is that they are prompt and flexible. I had a tremendous experience with Marlene and her company – they are always my first call for all my edits!”
Amelie Chance

Bestselling Co-Author of Overcomers, Inc.

“What a delight to be able to have Marlene’s assistance, both in crafting my monthly article and the security of knowing it"™s being copy edited and proofed by an expert. Marlene works fast, and in my world – thatâ’s important.

Thanks Marlene!”

Michael J. Losier

Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author of "Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't ~",

“Working with Marlene has been a Godsend for me and my business. Our first project together was actually my first venture as a contributing author. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck because I had never published anything before. The moment we connected, I knew we would work again at some point. And 7 years later we are still working together. To me, writing and working with an editor is an up close and personal experience. Her warm personality, her humor, her professionalism, and knowledge of the written word are second to none in my book. She takes my sprint writing, embellishes them with her magic and in no time sends me back a finished product that has my personality sprinkled all through it. Not only does she write well, but she teaches me how to be a better writer. Marlene takes my short pearls of wisdom and turns them into a novel that you can’t put down. And thanks to Marlene’s support, I was able to pen my own book!”

Cookie Tuminello

Mentor, Speaker, and Author, Climbing The Ladder of Success In High Heels - Without Stepping On Your Values,

“I have worked with Marlene on several book projects. I can honestly say she goes the extra mile for her clients. She has worked on editing my book and really helped me take my work to a higher level of clarity and understanding for the reader.

She is smart, accurate with her changes and always right on the money. Marlene is someone I trust with my work and my words. Thank you!”

Joan Marie

Intuitive Specialist,

“Marlene is a creative, gifted editor/writer & besides that, she’s fun to work with. She engenders complete faith in her talents and even her kind willingness to disagree to create the best writing product. I would whole-heartedly recommend her!”

Marcia Merrill

Life Transitions Coach ,

“I am very pleased to recommend Marlene and her wonderful virtual assistant services to you. She is not only professional, Marlene is delightful! I am having the best time communicating with her as we figure out how to do what with my various projects. Marlene is very punctual, ethical, cost-effective, conscientious, and brings a variety of skills to bear as a virtual assistant. She has edited several of my writings and EBooks; has made excellent suggestions about things I wouldn’t think of, and has fixed things that previously drove me nutty. Marlene is fun to work with and I learn from her every time I send her a project to fix, spiff up, edit or help me with in some form. What more could one want"¦great skill and character. Be sure to hire Marlene. You’ll be glad you did!”
Nicki McClusky

Certified Prof. Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker,

“Finding the ‘perfect’ editor is not an easy thing to do. That is until you find Marlene Oulton. Marlene’s expert eye and ability to tighten up a writer’s work is outstanding. It is a pleasure to work with Marlene. She definitely delivers.”

Kathleen Gage

The Street Smarts Marketerâ„¢, Power Up For Profits!

Marlene Oulton is an asset to anyone looking for an excellent communicator, writer, editor and project manager. She single-handedly manages book projects for me that have involved editing and overseeing nearly 250 authors to date.

She does it with ease, grace, and a great sense of humor.  With this many of my author clients to manage and edit, it’s nice to hear rave reviews saying how easy it is to work with Marlene, and how good she is at editing their work. I’ll work with Marlene again in a heartbeat and consider her a valuable asset to my company.”

Christine Kloser

Author, Book Writing Coach, The Transformation Catalyst

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