I love getting cards and letters via regular mail, although I have to say they’re about as rare as hen’s teeth these days. Most people tend to send emails or quick texts as it’s so much easier and faster. I feel as if so much of the true sentiment behind a handwritten letter or card gets lost when sent via electronic methods. People also tend to be extremely brief in an email missive, as if it’s a chore just to sit down and compose a few sentences and hit ‘˜send’ on the computer. Everything has to be fast, easy, and over and done with in under three minutes.

That’s why I was tickled pink to get a handwritten (or hand printed in this case) lovely letter encased in a pretty handcrafted envelope. It even had an old-fashioned wax seal on the back and the words ‘Miss You’ were stamped in the pretty blue hued wax. This letter was even hand delivered by the writer’s grandmother or G-Mum as she’s called, so it was even extra special.

A lovely gold gel pen was used to write the note from my ‘BFF’ who I met about two years ago. Her grandfather (aka ‘Grumpy’ although he’s anything but) was starting a business and my hubby and I had gone over to PEI to help he and his wife start the set-up process of the space they’d rented for their new business. His lovely daughter, whom I’ve known since she was two, and three of her four children joined us at the new place of business, and after enjoying a fabulous lunch we all buckled down and starting the cleaning etc. of the premises.

I decided that I’d start sweeping the floors and then give them a once-over mopping afterward. Their second oldest granddaughter, who was 6 at the time, decided she was going to help me. She’s a regular chatterbox ‘“ full of questions about anything and everything, and just being around her reminded me of me at that age. When you’re that age every day is adventure, and meeting new people always made me happy as it was someone new to learn about. (Yeah, I know. I probably drove my Mum crazy with a million questions a day as well as anyone else who’d listen!)

Anyhow, I nicknamed this wonderful little girl ‘Sweet Pea’ and out of the blue, she proclaimed that her nickname for me was going to be ‘Cupcake.’ This totally cracked me up at the absurdity of an almost 60 year-old woman being called Cupcake, but she insisted and it’s stuck!

When we got ready to come back to New Brunswick, Sweet Pea made me pinky-swear that we’d stay in touch’¦ and we have. She came to visit me last summer and we had a fabulous afternoon painting rocks and canvases all the while enjoying treats on my back deck in the sun. I’d only Facetimed with her once until last evening as she’d asked her G-Mum to make sure that she turned on her phone so she could see me open her letter. Man, was she excited. ‘Marleeeeene! You got my letter! What did you think of it? Did you like it? I REALLY miss you, BFF!’ was her opening line, all said in one breath. ‘Do you think we can be pen pals? Huh?’

Wow. How can you measure that much enthusiasm and love? You can’t. Plus don’t forget that there’s about fifty-four years (count ’em) 54 years between us. I told her I’d be thrilled to be her pen pal and that it didn’t matter what we wrote about to each other, just as long as we put pens of any coloured ink to paper and did it.

So in the next day or so I’m going to find some actual note paper to use and scribble down some handwritten words to try and keep an almost 8 year-old interested in staying my pen pal. I know one thing for certain. She’s not going to complain about my shaky handwriting as her printing is still a bit off centre as well. See? That’s one thing we have in common: she’s just beginning to learn to write and doesn’t stick to lines, and I’m old and my hands have a touch of arthritis so my writing is off as well.

I ask you, folks. How blessed am I to have someone so young think of me as their BFF and want me to be their pen pal?

I tell you, life can be very interesting when you’re almost 8’¦ or almost 62. I guess age is really just a number after all.

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