Some website gurus say you have less than 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention when they land on the home page of your website, or else they’ll click on to the next company on their search list. What does your current website copy say about you and your company? What kind of a “virtual” first impression are you making? If you’re not clearly conveying your services or products to their maximum potential in the top one-third of your landing or home page, people are most likely moving on without reading any further.

Stale or poorly written website content can actually do more harm than good to your bottom line and your reputation. If your reader doesn’t get what you’re offering in those first precious 10 seconds, they’re gone faster than you can click your mouse! While a picture may be worth a thousand words, content is still “King” when it comes to websites.

Spot-on, thought provoking words that engage your audience from the first syllable is a must to ensure your ranking in the huge electronic marketplace. Contact us for a free half-hour consultation on how I can make your website wording create winning customers out of bored browsers.

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